About us

The Energy of Success!

Management Team

Michael Kramarenko
Founder/Managing Partner

 – more than 30 years of experience in IT outsourcing industry, growing from developer to company management positions

 – excellent understanding and flawless management of all aspects of software development – starting from requirements elaboration to successful deployment 

 – adept at leading a big development team, able to create unique team spirit, understanding that people are the main asset in software business 

 – co-founder of Lviv Business Development and Business Analysis School 

– jury member of Ukraine IT Awards 

Max Prots

– 12+ years of employment on managing positions in a field of software development

– hands on expertise in Project Management, Business Analysis, Quality Assurance

– skilled in launching new projects within a company due to wide experience received on a role of Sales/Engagement Manager

 – strong analytical mind – able to define client’s needs and quickly  turn them into project requirements 


Why Us?

We provide full specter of software development services. Deep technical expertise and client-oriented approach allows us to set up a development tailored for exact needs of your Business. TheMC2 Software Developers quickly adapt to client’s processes and will naturally become a part of your team. Among our benefits, it worth mentioning:

Adjustable Methodologies

When working in an industry so fast growing as software development, sometimes it takes a lot of power to setup a project and adjust the processes on the go. We're just like that - keeping only the client's goal in mind and being flexible enough along the way to make it work!

Expertise and Maturity

Wide experience of our team allows us to form deep understanding of each specific business we work with, each specific product and requirements of it's specific target audience. We are never vague, unless when we're asked to be that way!

Fair Fees Policy

While many software vendors in the industry get paid just for nothing, we practice a different approach. Keeping the end results that you want us to achieve in mind, we're always focused on getting there - so we're a party most interested in your success!

Company Values

TheMC2 team envision a stable, fair and peaceful future where universal rights are respected. From the very initial phases of project architecture and design planning each of our employee is guided with these principles at every work activity:
Establishment of open and productive win to win relationships with clients is a key task for TheMC2 team. That is why we assign Project Coordinator to each cooperation for no cost to the client.

Each member of TheMC2 team available for direct communication with a client and proactively takes part in the development process. In such way, we gain productive and creative atmosphere in your remote team that stimulates team for ideas sharing.

At TheMC2 we grow culture oriented on bringing maximum value to a client. In addition to regular weekly and daily project internal meetings, at the end of each month TheMC2 management conduct a retrospective meeting with every customer to analyze status, discuss possible concerns and see if anything may be processed in a better way. This allow to quickly react on possible issues, re-adopt project processes in accordance to client needs and get the result.

Get in touch to start the development

We know how hard it is to make a final decision and launch a massive, long-term software development. That is the reason we offer courtesy consultations!